Middle Earth Shadow Of War Guns And Equipment

Guns Taste Anyone?

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Warner Bros and Interactive Entertainment revealed a new video with 7 minutes duration for the upcoming Middle-Earth Shadow Of War. The title is going to be released in August 25th (Europe) for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Project Scorpio and PC. In the trailer below you can get a sneak peek of weapons and generally from the equipment that will make Talion the biggest Orc’s fear! Some of the game’s weapons are going to be available to you after you complete some challenges, while you can make them stronger by adding gems on them. Gems can be found by killing strong enemies, exactly the same like the first game of the franchise.

Middle earth shadow of war guns and equipment banner

Finally, the slots available for equipping your character is: Sword slot for man to man combat, Dagger slot for sneak attacks, Range slot for distance attacks, Armor, Capes and Ruins which can be added to the Ring of power!


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