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The Andromeda World!

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This is the next generation of space exploration in the Mass Effect universe where you find plenty of worlds to discover and plenty of upgrades to make. The entire future of humanity lies in your hands, and as a responsible space explorer, you have got to try your level best to get yourself and the rest of the crew into space and maneuvering through dark and murky worlds that drive fear into the hearts of all that are involved.

The milky way is far out of reach, and as you go through wormholes and navigate the past black holes, you are presented with an entire world of new possibilities that seemed to be otherwise unimaginable previously. The new planets are composed of way different minerals than you could have ever imagined, and these have their unique properties which present an astronomic challenge for people that have abandoned their home galaxy for better chances of survival in a far-off world.

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Featuring more than a hundred planets, the game gives you quite an impressive plethora of worlds to explore and venture to give a try towards the survival of humanity in a new colony. Because you are going to new worlds and planets whose dangers or perils you havent a clue about, the game involve a protective or additional features that are mostly for weapons and getting any obstructions out of the way by means of blowing them away and shooting down enemies.

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Thanks to a new multiplayer feature, you will be in a position to try out your luck in a dash for survival. Colorful armor and other customization options are also available for getting you in peak form for performance and in the best state of mind to take on challenges that might get in the way. Character types in the game vary and there are packs which can either be earned or bought to give you better playability and a more fulfilling, rewarding adventure.

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All players that are involved in a match get to contribute to the overall progress which is the reason for the introduction of the multiplayer mode to better enable you and your other comrades to make headway into the new galaxy and exciting new worlds. Mass Effect Andromeda is definitely a game to experience more especially with the new features that allow for more combat and plenty of travel escapade!


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    We shall say that’s indeed an awesome game

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