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Kinguin coupon -3%: PKEYS  |  Store rating: 5.00/5 (6 votes)

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Kinguin launched their website in the beginning of 2013 and right now after almost 4 years is the best alternative market to Steam, Origin, Uplay and other popular clients. The website grown to 2 million satisfied customers last year, customers who love games and love kinguin. The satisfaction from provided services, makes them return and buy new games several times. Kinguin is also safe option because of “Buyer Protection Program”. This program offers 30 days money back guarantee in case of problems during purchases from kinguin marketplace. To conclude, they don’t offer only the best prices from marketplace sellers, they also offer security and most important… 24/7 customer support through live chat and tickets. One last and very important thing before we finish this review is that now they support “sellers”. This means that if you have unused cd keys that you want to sell, you can easily do that, get some cash and move forward to your next purchase!

Cd key delivery time 90%
Customer support response time 85%
Low prices 98%
Popular 95%

Overall Score



  1. hamidtalha876 February 19, 2017

    i ordered payday 2 and got it first i didnt but customer support helped

  2. spam August 14, 2016

    1 minute delivery time. I paid for ARK with PayPal and I’m waiting. Didn’t get the key so I get into the support live chat and now I have 39 minutes estimated before I get assistance. Probably other people not getting their keys.

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