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If you are looking for a real thrill, kill or to be killed, a fan of zombies and deadly creatures and hungry to kill some, then Killing floor 2 game is for you. In the opening you land in Europe where a deadly virus has erupted and infected the whole continent, unstoppable! The Mighty European Union on its edge of collapse, teetering. Just in one-month virus erupted so fast that specimen clones were walking on the road, communications stopped, and military forces eradicated putting lives of citizens in real danger. All this just because of single Doctor Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment, individuals saving their lives on their own hiding and running. In all this chaos, and misery still hope prevailed, when helpless civilians and mercenaries joined together to establish a self-funded operation to tackle this outbreak and starting operating across the Europe. This is where you come into play; you will be landed in zed-laden hot zones and bang!!

Playing Killing floor 2 get ready for intuitive bloodshed, because Killing floor 2 ramps up the carnage, with high power persistent blood system. When playing will witness, entrails, severed limbs, and organs flying as you advance through the hordes of enemies, and same is what they will do to you so watch out from being ripped organ by organ. Multiplayer feature or solo flight both features are available either you play alone or with friends when playing online you can choose from the different playable character when you enter the fray in online co-op mode or solo mode but when playing with friends killing floor 2 has no match. Fun and thrill altogether. One more amazing feature is Player vs Player feature if you want to be a Zed then be it because Killing floor 2 allows choosing when you are playing multiplayer mode. You can play short matches and in pairs, you can take turns in the first match you are human but in another round, you will be a Zed and will kill some, this is all in one game, Amazing.

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Extra Goodies

In Killing Floor when choosing weaponry we have something special for you, you will love this Militaristic assault rifles, brutally modified weapons, and conventional guns all in one and yes, don’t forget to use Mad Scientist weapons, because science is the cause so science is going to be the cure, Killing floor 2 has all you can imagine. It is not just weapons you need in carnage you are going to need much more and we do offer, expanded park system we have re imagined with a lot more added to the fold. Choose wisely and descend upon your enemy as deadly as yourself, you can also rip your enemy with mild attack in killing floor 2, you have complete damage control on bone breaking and ripping apart your choice.

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Kill a Zed and earn reward and EXP points. Head shots will give you more than normal so don’t wait just grab your copy and experience the real thrill. Killing floor 2 is going to be a real nail biting and heart-wrenching experience for you.


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  1. Ahmedjaibi7 January 9, 2017

    i’m excited to play this game xD

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