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Watching football matches on your television device is already an intense experience. You may have even dreamt about playing with football stars such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. It may take a long time for you to turn that dream into a reality. But thankfully, you have a way to play with your favorite stars, and that is through EA Sports’ latest masterpiece, the FIFA 17. In this newest franchise, you get to be in the shoes of another aspiring football player. Together, you will hone your skills, play in tournaments, and compete with other players online. Keep reading and find what cool things to expect from the latest FIFA game franchise…



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Enter Alex Hunter

FIFA 17 CD KEY comes with a new mode called The Journey. This is the game’s story mode wherein you will play as Alex Hunter — a newbie with a rags-to-riches football celebrity tale. Through your supervision, you will help him train, compete, accomplish tasks, and even answer post-match interviews! You’ll be able choose his own team and you can also interact with real-life players such as Jose Mourinho. Your contributions to Alex’s growth will determine your score in every level. The way you answer the interview will also have some bearing on his personality development.

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Improved Physics

Aside from the new story mode, another update to the FIFA 17 is the improved motion sequences. If you love playing sports games on PC, you will understand the importance of realistic physics. The developers improved the motion system so you can shield the ball with your body with just a single button. The improved pushback technology, meanwhile, lets players control the ball in a more realistic manner. You can push and shove your enemies away to improve your chances of receiving a ball. This is important during corner kicks or throw-ins. Other cool additions include air-shielding, more dynamic tackles, and colliding with the goalkeeper to steal the ball. The corners and penalty kicks have become more complex in a good way. During these plays, you can control your speed, power levels, and run-up methods. You can even make last-minute changes to the directions of your kicks.

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Frostbite Graphics System

The eye candy visuals of this new game is brought to you by the Frostbite Engine. It’s the same graphics system used for games like Battlefield 4 and Star Wars. With this new technology, fans will be treated with more realistic facial expressions and fluid movements. Playing soccer matches at night has become exciting, thanks to the impressive lighting. Overall, FIFA 17 CD KEY has become more exciting, thanks to the improved graphics and gameplay. And with the new Journey Mode, you can experience the joys and struggles of playing in the Big Leagues.


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