Injustice 2: Everything We Know So Far!

Characters, Gameplay Videos & News!

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As we already know Warner Bros announced that Injustice 2 comes for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on May 16th 2017. The title will include new fighters like Atrocitus and Gorillaa Grodd, new stages and new features like the customization of characters. The second title promises to continue the legacy of the franchise. Also the owners of injustice mobile will be able to unlock the Injustice 2 version of Superman and Aquaman via in-game challenge mode. See the trailer below…

NetherRealm Studios published gameplay trailers of injustice 2 for your eye only! On these trailers you will find the most of the characters that we saw on the reveal trailer and maybe a few more like: Lantern, Atrocitus and Black Manta. Also you can see full fights, super moves and stage transitions.

Official Gameplay Reveal

15 Minutes of Fighting

Multiple DLC’s For Injustice 2

Ed Boon the director of Injustice 2 talking on Playstation Blogcast, said about the support of the title from NetherReal Studios. He mentioned the content, saying that it will include much more material from the DC comics and of course new DLC’s and Tournaments for the players. Pleasant news so far for the ones who are waiting the game from a developer who spend so much time supporting their games like they did on Mortal Kombat X.

injustice 2 news we know so far

Injustice 2 Characters

Warner Bros in cooperation with the developers (NetherRealm Studios) also announced a lot of new playable characters for the franchise. Some of them are: Harley Quinn who was also in the first Injustice and Deadshot. Watch some of the characters videos below…

Darkseid Trailer

Joker Trailer

Harley Queen & Deadshot Trailer

Brainiac Trailer

Scarecrow Trailer

Flash Trailer

Female Fighters!

Here She Comes: Firestorm!

Cheetah joins The Roster

Introducing Catwoman

Injustice 2 Story & Special Editions

Developers released a new story trailer for the upcoming Injustice 2. Despite that Batman declared as the winner in the end of the previous title, a new threat will come which will throw a big shade between the balance of good and evil. Check the trailer below…

The game will be released in three different editions. The Standard, the Digital Deluxe and finally the Ultimate Edition. More specific, Digital Deluxe will contain the base game + 3 downloadable content fighters, one Premier Skin and an exclusive Gear Shader Pack. The Ultimate Edition will include the base game + 9 downloadable content fighters, 3 Premier Skins and 2 exclusive Gear Shader Packs. For the ones who are going to pre-order the title they will have the chance to play as Darkseid.


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