How Destiny Will Or Should Look On PC?

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More than a year after its release on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and One, Bungie has lured more than 20 million registered users into their hit online shooter, Destiny. However, desktop gaming enthusiasts are asking why a PC version hasn’t come up yet or will it even arrive.



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Why Release A PC Version Of Destiny?

Don’t get it wrong. The game plays wonderfully in consoles using a well-oiled graphics engine with fine transitions and flicker-free movements. However, being a shooter, it screams for the use of a mouse and a keyboard that are the perfect tools to optimize the game.

While other games often lose luster after a year on the shelf, Destiny continues to appeal to console gamers. Bungie, the game’s developer has even projected a 10-year plan for this science fiction franchise. The new feature of the game lets users share persistent worlds that the developers continuously expand. Needless to say, the game still has promise.

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The Wait Is OVER? Or Maybe No?

The wait may have been long but looking at how console gamers received it, it will be worth the time. There’s only one Destiny, and if the PC gamers waited long before getting their own version of Grand Theft Auto 5, they can surely wait for this one, too.  Also, Halo 1 and 2 looked perfect when ported to PC.

Current whispers in the gaming alley seem to say that Bungie has Destiny CD KEY for PC is in the works and they are inviting test users. Will there be an exclusive peripheral? Will the game require a gamepad? What will the game look like?

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What PC Gamers Expecting If The Game Gets A Release?

Gameplay wise, this hit shooter is good as it is so there’s really nothing to change. It may even be more fun to play once it’s ported to the PC. Most serious gamers still prefer using gaming mouse and keyboard, and this game is perfect for the said interfaces. Developers should focus on the use of these control devices to ease the transition. After all, most of the PC players would have had played this game on a console and they already have an idea on how smooth the controls should be. The PC version should be even smoother.

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Destiny has one of the best graphics in the current roster of games and the PC counterpart will only improve on that. The developers should optimize the use of graphics cards APIs to make sure that this version blows the console out of the water. PC gamers are picky and they will spend money to invest on graphics cards and high end monitors just to get the best of what this game has to offer.

Future updates may also include virtual or augmented reality.


  1. ishraq.rakin April 29, 2016

    Netherrealm Studios stops their support for Mortal Kombat X PC which shocked me to death being a PC gaming enthusiast. Then, my friends talk about the awesomeness of Destiny and it was really intriguing me to play. Then I realize that there are no console emulators to play this console exclusive games and it makes me happy to know that it’s porting over to PC! I don’t know how anyone can be upset about this awesome news!

  2. selleks93 April 21, 2016

    Well, it’s not a surprize that current consoles can’t run this games as a PC can. My PC is not a beast nor anything, and can kick ass most games at high settings.

  3. alinady82 April 9, 2016

    Can’t wait to play it

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