Horizon Zero Dawn: Machines Vs Humans!

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Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 platform, Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game from Guerilla Games.Its storyline revolves around Aloy, an archer as well as a hunter who lives in a world that has been overrun by robots.



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Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Aloy, having been in a monastery for a very long time, she sets out to discover what dangers have been keeping her sheltered all that time. A lot of stealth tactic is used in this game as well as melee action and combat. Being an open world game, you get to explore and have an adventure that will take you across the territory to engage in the fighting and action that can keep you engaged for hours on end.

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There are plenty of quests that lie in wait in the game for you to accomplish as well as keeping track with the storyline. It is also a balance of beauty and danger as the main character takes on metal and electricity in a world that hides a new danger at every turn. However, you can still hack it into the game and use these machines for your benefits. For instance, you are able to turn them into vehicles that will then be used to carry you much faster ad over long distance deep into the heart of enemy territory. There are also zones in the game where these machines will feature increased aggression thus ending up in greater difficulties for you and the need to be more stealthy and cautious as you go about the game.

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Final Words

Graphics are excellent and quite immersive and you will get a memorable experience from playing the game. Working on an equally compelling platform, this is one of the most anticipated game title of this year in general and probably one of the top 3 for PS4.


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    very good game should have to play games like that.

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