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Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

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With a one of a kind setting that is strategically poised in an open world, this latest addition to the ghost recon series brings you a shooter experience like no other. You can play it in either a single player mode or as a four-player co-op which is kind of interesting because when you are several players joined for a single mission. This way gives you a much stronger strategy as well as higher chances of success.

Regarding gameplay, the new release is responsive to the player’s actions, and each movement has a counter reaction from the opponents that are keen on the progress you are making along the journey. Being a military shooter, there will be plenty of firepower and ammunition to spare, but that should not be a reason for letting down your guard. Instead, you should be more aware and cautious about the territories that you venture into so as to avoid getting shot down with your gun still in your hands.

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The graphics are also quite an improvement from its previous versions, and you will be well entertained from the fact that you can always turn game options on and off depending on your personal tastes and preferences. This makes for a more personalized as well as an in-depth game that will be sure to please and also entertain you.

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Tactical Action

Tactics do matter when it comes to playing the game as there will rarely be a moment that is dulled or slowed for your senses not to catch and react fast enough. Additionally, you have to stay aware of the fact that the enemy might pounce on you from any direction and as such, you must be ready to shoot no matter where you are currently located. In the single player mode, you will be making headway into the harsh, terrible and dark territory by taking down an opponent after the other while taking on the different hurdles that lie strewn along the way. Multiplayer modes are also quite tough and rewarding as you have to know who is on your side and who is not to be able to make any significant headway in the game.

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Finally, responsiveness has been boosted for the precise firing of the weapons as well as more accurate targeting which is one of the reasons you will be sure to fall in love with ghost recon wildlands. The environment is harsh and indeed terrible but also very exciting as you go about having fun and creating the kind of experience that will be sure to leave a mark on your gaming acumen. Your reflexes will be quite on edge as you head into the game and as you keep improving, so will your ranking in the leaderboards. This is one of the truly scary and terrible adventures to try out on your PC.


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