Games Announced & Seen In E3 2017 – Part 4

The Hottest Games Of The Next Months!

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E3 is the most popular expo for everyone who loves games. This year’s E3 is even better, even stronger with many hot announcements and game glimpses! Below you will see the hottest games from E3 2017, enjoy!


Dead Alliance


ARK: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard announced the release of Ark Survival Evolved in August 8th in E3 2017! The open-world survival game which is distributed as early access from 2015 in Steam, will now become available for the console fans! Check the trailer that was made for the announcement!

Genesis Alpha One

A new trailer for the upcoming Genesis Alpha One presented by the people behind the game in E3. In that trailer there is a special mention to the battle mechanics of the game, while there are also some mentions on characters of the new title of Radiation Blue. Anyway, there was no release date announcement, till then you can see the trailer below…

Detroit: Become Human

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Insurgency Sandstorm

Unruly Heroes

Magic Design Studios announced the Unruly Heroes which is based in Chinese mythology and more specific in the legend of Monkey King. For now the info being given is the minimum but only one thing is sure, it will support cooperative mode between 4 players in local and online gaming and also many PvP modes!

Code Vein

Call Of Cthulhu

Cyanide Studio and Focus Interactive game in publicity a new trailer for their new open-world survival horror RPG Call of Cthulhu. In order to find out what is going on in Darkwater you will need to reach level of paranoia, because during your investigation and as you are closer to the truth you will start having doubts on what you see! The title is expected to be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime during 2017. Check the E3 trailer below…



  1. eternaltea90 June 29, 2017

    From the list above I’m looking forward to Dead Alliance,Vampyr, and the number one game Gensis Alpha One

    Gensis Alpha One
    *Space exploration
    *Building spaceships
    *Gene-splicing and cloning your crew
    *Fighting alien infestations

  2. LEE ZI HUI June 27, 2017

    I would buy Detroit : Become Human for SURE!!! This gonna be one of my ps4 games collection .

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