Games Announced & Seen In E3 2017 – Part 2

The Hottest Games Of The Next Months!

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E3 is the most popular expo for everyone who loves games. This year’s E3 is even better, even stronger with many hot announcements and game glimpses! Below you will see the hottest games from E3 2017, enjoy!

Fallout 4 VR

The beginning of the press conference of Bethesda was filled by the “BIG” titles. Somewhere there we also saw Fallout 4 VR which was announced with the following trailer…

The Evil Within 2

Evil Within returns and the day of its release is Friday… 13 of October. The same character who was starring also in the first game of the title will continue to do the same in the second game. Evil Within 2 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC, enjoy the trailer below.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Bethesda Softworks announced during their E3 show the brand new Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. It is about a standalone entry which is expected in PS4, Xbox One, PC in September 15th. Check the first trailer below to see how Billie Lurk moves into.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Square Enix is going to add 3 new episodes in Life is Strange series. We had the opportunity as viewers to see them in Microsoft’s show. The name for them are is Before the Storm and the first is going to be released in August 31st. As you are going to see in the trailer that follows, the developer XCageGame, will create a series of extreme situations.

The Last Night

The Last Night appeared in Microsoft’s show with a brand new trailer. the title supports 4K in Xbox One X while it is names as a “console launch exclusive”. Check the 4K trailer of the show…

Deep Rock Galactic Dive

Coffee Stain publishing announced that Deep Rock Galactic Dive will be released for Xbox One as a console launch exclusive title. The plot is about a team of villains, space dwarves and is a First person Shooter where up to 4 players can play together. Main target is the survival inside huge procedurally generated cave systems hiding lethal traps.


Tacoma of Fullbright uncovered in Microsoft’s show and is set up for release in August 2 as console launch exclusive, which means that Xbox will have the honor (even if its only for the beginning). At the moment there are no specific plans for the release in PS4.

The Darwin Project

The Darwin Project announced during the presentation of Microsoft E3 show and it wants you ready to go! The title is expected on Xbox One, Windows 10 even of the official website includes also a Steam version. The title takes place in future, in a show where the participants must kill each other to win. Check the trailer below.

Total War Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer 2 will be released in September 28 of 2017 for more info check the announcement post


After 3 years and maybe more in Steam Early Access, it seems like smashbash racing game Wreckfest, finds its way to the official release. In the same path an announcement came for a cooperation with publisher THQ Nordic and developer Bugbear Entertainment with main target to have the game released in 2017. Below you can check the latest trailer…


LawBreakers is for some time now under development and as we reach the finish line of it, more more and info is coming into light. So, the game as it was announced in E3, will hit the market in August 8th for PC and PS4.

Lone Echo

Ready At Dawn announced the release date for Lone Echo during PC Gaming Show. The title is coming in July 20 exclusive for Oculus Touch, with multiplayer provided to everyone for free.

The Crew 2

Ubisoft officially announced The Crew 2 for PC and Consoles. The gameplay trailer includes many vehicles from cars to aircrafts. the release is in 2018. Ubisoft calls the fans to join their beta from the official website of the game. Check the gameplay trailer below  to understand the huge range of vehicles.

Skulls and Bones

It seems Ubisoft does not want to give up from adventures with pirates and battleships. So, during the press conference of the French company, Skulls and bones announced where you can find 5vs5 PvP battles. the title is going be released in autumn 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Far Cry 5

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ubisoft kept us till the end of their to finally announce (after 15 years) the Beyond Good and Evil 2. The game will support online and offline content. For now we do not know in which platforms it is going to be available for a release. We wait for more info! Till then, check the video below for some more Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Knack 2

knack 2 returns to continue the story from the first launch title of PlayStation 4 with its released date in September 5th. The title will include exclusive content for Sony’s console. Check the gameplay trailer which was revealed in Sony Conference.

Gran Turismo Sport

Sony did the announcement of the anticipated Gran Turismo Sport during the pre-show of the main event at E3 2017. The title from polyphony Digital is going to hit the market in Autumn 2017. The title will support 4K at 60fps on PS4 Pro. Check the announcement video below.

Monster Hunter World

After many years, we will see again the Monster Hunter series coming back to Sony for PS4’s favor. So, in Sony’s conference Monster Hunter Worlds from Capcom was announced and is expected to hit the market in the beginning of 2018. At the same time an impressive trailer was revealed.


  1. LEE ZI HUI June 25, 2017

    Far Cry 5 and Monster Hunter World!! Cant wait for it ><

  2. james_ferrer06 June 18, 2017

    More more more great exciting games!!!

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