G2A Discount Code For Cashback

g2a discount code for cashback

G2A Discount Code: PKEYS

We managed to get an exclusive discount code for cashback from the most popular store worldwide! The code is already shown in our price comparison boards and you will be able to see it in products that are available from G2A. What cashback gives back to you is: coins! The coins are being added in your G2A wallet after every purchase you do. When you gather many coins you can buy games and CD KEYS without spending money. You simply use your gathered coins to pay for the product, in other words you can get your favorite games for FREE!

G2A discount code for cashback image 2

Once you decide to do a purchase from G2A click “Buy now” on their website and then you will be transfered to your basket. The only thing you have to do there, is to type or copy/paste the code inside the coupon code box. After you do that, press the apply button to show the amount of cashback is gonna be added to your G2A wallet if you decide to complete the order!

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Check out our full G2A Store Review. Also do not forget to mention any issues regarding the coupon on the comments section below! Enjoy your new, low priced purchases!


  1. sanzcracken May 12, 2016

    thats work ??

  2. Author
    PC CD Keys April 24, 2016

    Its a permanent coupon code!

  3. alinady82 April 24, 2016

    will it last for long ?

  4. alinady82 April 16, 2016

    it works

  5. Author
    PC CD Keys April 1, 2016

    Just follow the instructions and it will work. We recently checked it and its working properly!

  6. Andreas Johansson April 1, 2016

    its not working for me, pls help me

  7. G2A Discount Code March 13, 2016

    The discount code is working thank u

  8. Alyan Rameez December 23, 2015

    This is best way to get games. Thanks alot

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