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Football Manager 2017 is an online football game where players can immerse themselves in to the game and manage over 2500 different football leagues. Players can get hands on with their teams from the side lines just like in real life, by giving them pointers and tips, and screaming at them when they screw up. Its developers of have spared no costs implementing all the new features into the game. In order for the player to feel that they are playing league football in real life the developers have added some really cool features and updated a few of the old ones.



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They have doubled their artificial enhancements which lets players make decisions almost instantly which will improve their team scoring goals. The new low camera angle behind the goal posts allows you to see what formation your team is playing. They have put in 1500 new motion captured elements which lets players play more precisely and the goal keepers can perform a lot more saves. The added pre-match presentation allows players to run out the tunnels and get into formation just like real football, exchanging handshakes and warming up before kick-off. New law changes have been implemented so players can now start kick-off by themselves, when a player is injured they can get treated on the field and performing a foul does not immediately give the player a red card. The new magic spray lets the referee mark off where the ball must be placed if there is a free dangerous kick from somewhere.

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Players can play the game by deciding if they just want a local league or create a national league and then their team can play abroad. There is an abundance of tactical manoeuvres to choose from and players can position their team exactly as they want them for strategic game play. Players can now also release media statements and hold press conferences. There are over 600 000 staff and players and each has been uniquely programmed. The training pitch is where players can come up with strategies for their teams and also do individual training. As players manage their teams they will have to keep them happy to stop them from going to the media or other rival teams, players objectives is to get their team the silver. It also has a multiplayer where players can play against their friends and see who has the best team.

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The graphics on Football Manager 2017 is outstanding and is of the highest quality where players can now see every little thing their team is doing as if they were watching a live football game. This game is for all people who dream of wondering what it is like to manage a professional football league. Players will not get as close to real life as Football Manager 2017.


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