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For Honor Is Finally Here!

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For Honor is a game that takes you through a harsh yet fantastic world that is choke full of wildland and other beautiful sceneries. The seasoned inhabitants of this world make a living in any way they can despite the fact that they are in a constant state of war and turmoil.

According to the storyline, there was a cataclysm that struck about a millennium ago and in the process, destroyed all its civilizations. Homes were destroyed, entire empires burnt down to the ground, and even nations had to exile themselves. All seemed to be lost, and the world was at a loss. However, from these ashes rose the Vikings, Knights and the Samurai who worked tirelessly to build their nation again and bring back the glory of the ancestors.

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Each one of the heroes that you will be fighting with comes with their set of distinct skills and uses their unique weapons to engage in grueling battles. Master medieval weaponry and take part in fast-paced and brutal combat in an engaging campaign. The art of way is also blended into the game to give you a kind of war gameplay that you could not expect anywhere else. You will have to cut through the blinding fog of war and join hands with the warriors through challenging battle maps.

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Carve yourself a path of terrible destruction through vivid and enormous battlefields in the game which was developed by Ubisoft.


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