FIFA 18 Announced

With Christiano Ronaldo As Box Cover!

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EA announced FIFA 18 and as cover will be the the back 2 back champion of Europe Champions League and Spanish champion with Real Madrid, Christiano Ronaldo! The game will be released in September 29th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. The version for Switch will be the same compared with the other platforms even if a rumor was stating the opposite. The only difference is that it will not run with Frostbite engine and will not include “The journey: Hunter returns”.

official announcement of fifa 18

EA will release 3 different editions of the game, the Standard Edition, the Ronaldo Edition and finally the ICON Edition. The Ronaldo Edition will give the chance to the ones who will buy it to start 3 days earlier from the official release date, while the same happens in ICON edition which will also include items for the Fifa Ultimate Team. If you pre-order any edition, present will be Christiano Ronaldo as borrowed player in FUT, 8 special outfits for FUT and up to $60 to buy Jumbo Premium Gold FUT Packs. Also, subscribers of EA Access or Origin Access are going to be able to try FIFA 18 for 10 hours before the official release which starts 21 of September. Full game uncover will take play in June 10th during the EA Play! Below you can check the reveal trailer…


  1. james_ferrer06 June 8, 2017

    Since Ronaldo is on the cover, the offside rule will probably not exist and diving is included.

  2. mktsarwat June 6, 2017

    I have been waiting long for a ‘Ronaldo’ edition.

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