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The much-awaited Doom 4, stylized as DOOM, is set for a May 13 release date this year – a full 11 years in the making. Fans however, can’t wait that’s why pre-order CD Keys are fast selling. To date, Doom 4 CD Key is available as a pre-order item only. Its official product key is not set to be released until the game launches on May 13. For those who are wondering, this FPS (first-person shooter) game is selling like pancakes for a reason. Since its initial release in 1993, it has always been loved by many videogame players. Today, let’s look at the features that make players want to keep playing this game.



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Playable Across Platforms

The first version of Doom can be played on an MS-DOS personal computer. More than ten years later, the game can still be played by many on Microsoft Windows computers. Aside from this, the latest version, Doom 4, can be played on other game consoles or platforms such as Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.

Gruesome, But Engaging Gameplay

Considering that this game is a pioneer in its genre, its gameplay is totally unique, making an engaging gaming experience. Players should expect using plenty of weapons on a fast-paced game, fighting grotesque enemies such as the Mancubus, Revenant, and Cyberdemon. Be warned though, there are loads of gore. The game also features a new twist: players can play as demons in one of the game’s player modes.

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What You Get To Play With

Aside from new weapons, many weapons from previous versions are still available in this year’s release. Old weapons such as the rocket launcher, super-shotgun, plasma rifle, and the famous BFG-9000 are still in the game.

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In game modes we have single player and multiplayer. Developer has revealed however, that the multiplayer mode can be played online. This is to complement the game’s new multiplayer mode feature, the Doom SnapMap. It allows players to create their own game maps and share it online with the game’s player community. Other game modes include: Clan Arena, Domination, Soul Harvest, Team Deathmatch, Warpath, and Freeze Tag. Sounds intriguing? Don’t miss out by getting a Doom 4 CD Key even before the game is released.

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Intense and Demanding Graphics

Doom is developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks and like many high-tech videogames today, this game features intense graphics. However, due to this nature, it requires a high-end video card such as the AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or Nvidia GTX 670 2GB.


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  1. stvogel January 5, 2017

    Yeah, definitely has the feel of the original game from 93. Loved that game and love this one.

  2. Mohaonline2010 June 11, 2016

    Demanding Graphics? No Problem, I still able to run it :D

  3. alinady82 May 28, 2016

    this game is what is meant to play

  4. joshdaman02 May 18, 2016

    A bit to bloody for me gut looks awesome!!

  5. sanzcracken May 14, 2016

    awesome game i play 1993 and i want to play this :D

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