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Outlast 2 is one of my very best video games. Basically, it is an upcoming, horror, survival and first person video game that was published and developed by Red Barrels. The video game is actually the sequel to Outlast, a video game released in 2013. This second edition of outlast features Lynn together with her husband named Blake Langermann who is a journalist. In the video game, the couple roams through the Arizona desert with their main objective being to find out the cause of Jane Doe, a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, the two get separated as a result of a helicopter crash, so Blake struggles so hard to find his wife. He travels through a village that is inhabited by the belief that the end of days is upon them.

Generally, I can say that the video game is much like its predecessor Outlast, and is often used in the single player mode. It carries over the found footage features from the predecessor, and is set in a desert known as Sonoran Desert. I took the role of the freelance journalist Blake, and helped him investigate the dilapidated rural area of Supai, which is near the Sonoran Desert.

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Blake Langermann is a journalist who is utterly incapable of fighting and can just defend himself in scripted scenes that are much similar to those of Outlast. He can climb, vault, walk, jump, run, crouch, and hide in lockers much like in the predecessor game. He has a camcorder, which boosts his ability to view in darkness. However, the camcorder’s battery consistently drained power whenever I utilized the night vision. Fortunately, spare batteries that are suitable for the camcorder are actually spread throughout the area.

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What helped me differentiate this video game from its predecessor is the fact that Blake has a more advanced camera compared to the one used earlier on. The camera is designed with a clear zoom, comprehensible footage and a high quality audio detection system that is built into each speaker and can be used to distant noises such as footsteps. Blake additionally wears glasses with limited my vision whenever they fell off.

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The video game is basically one of my best since it is simpler to use and easy to install. It is designed with a story line that can be rated ten out ten, and this makes the game to be greatly interesting. Above all, what happens next is atypical to predict, so it always keeps me occupied.


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  1. mktsarwat June 8, 2017

    Its a creepy game to play alone in the night.

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