Farming Simulator 17: Learn How to Tend Virtual Crops!

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By the time you have finally realized that you really wanted to be a farmer all along, you are already at the peak of your success in another industry. You wanted to leave everything behind and learn the science of growing your own food, but sadly, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. A small vegetable garden in your backyard may not be enough to satisfy your unrealized passion for agriculture. So the next best thing that you can try is the new Farming Simulator 17. This epic, world-building game lets you virtually till the earth, watch crops magically sprout from the ground, and drink fresh milk from your cows’ udders. Although you can’t actually eat and drink your produce, everything feels so realistic that you will easily be absorbed by its world.



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Hooray For More Farming Tools

Farm Simulator 17 takes place in the scenic plains of Goat Crest Valley, located in the Pacific Nortwwest region of America. Aside from crop fields, this map also has mountains and lakes, allowing you to expand your farming skills. Just like the previous games from this franchise, you will begin your journey as a lone farmer and eventually level up to earn better farming equipment and helpers. Farm Sim 17 features more than 60 types of farming tools from different brands. There are also hundreds of options for customization. To increase your profit, you have the option to transport produce via trains. High-end equipment, meanwhile, can be leased after using them. This will allow you to earn more money without having to wait for your crops to grow.

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Co-op Mode & Mod Options

The beauty of Farm Sim 17 is that it is a sandbox game that will not tell the players what to do. In this farming utopia, you make your own rules. But if you need help in running your virtual crop field, you can ask your friend to help you out. Thanks to the co-op system, you can collaborate with other virtual farmers and build a community of your own. This game is also the first in its franchise that lets players build mods. Using your coding abilities, you can create custom equipment and make other modifications in the game. Then, you can upload it online so other players can also use the mods you have made.

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With Farming Simulator 17, your dream of creating your own produce is now possible, albeit in a virtual setup. The new co-op mode and mods system give players the freedom to build exciting equipment and create a variety of campaigns they can share online. This sequel is a refreshing escape for people who are quite tired of playing generic war or role-playing games.


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