Far Cry Primal – Bringing the Stone Age to Life!

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Far Cry Primal CD KEY isn’t the first game on the Far Cry series that places players in a foreign and unfamiliar setting, in fact its one of the stories of the series, but this time it is bringing the Stone Age version into life.



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Far Cry Primal Features

Survival is a daily challenge for Far Cry Primal, as players will follow a desperate hunter in his quest to find his lost people and keep the hungry and wild creatures away. They are basically learning to hunt, in order to climb the savage food chain and become the ultimate predators.  Although this time, new brutal weapons like spears, clubs and bows, are introduced to fight two different tribes and also the Mega Fauna aka giant animals that have disappeared from Earth.

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In fact, the game producers hired historians and linguists to make sure that the game can get as much data as possible on the setting. To make it even more interesting, Ubisoft has created a new language for the game, in order to ensure the complete feeling of the Stone Age Era.

Spot The Differences

Many of you may ask what separates Primal from the rest of the series besides its unique setting? Well the answer is clear. The player’s toolset is completely fresh with an emphasis on crafting and includes the ability to tame wild animals and use them for combat. Because of these mechanics, the game becomes more dynamic than ever with systems colliding in unexpected ways. It is all about giving players great opportunities to play and interact with the world and have fun.

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You’ll be able to check out the world, languages, and, of course, deadly animals of Far Cry Primal CD KEY when it launches for PS4 and Xbox One and PC on February 23. Enjoy!


  1. sanzcracken May 18, 2016

    its a nice game i played and its good

  2. Mohaonline2010 April 12, 2016

    I wish they release Farcry as a 3rd person game, not only 1st person

  3. alinady82 April 12, 2016

    can’t put it down

  4. abdelrahman mahdy April 8, 2016

    just finished farcry 4 time to try primal

  5. energosst April 2, 2016

    Old far cry with mamonts

  6. joshdaman02 March 10, 2016

    My brother likes to play it and it is amazing :)

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