About Our Rewards Program

Welcome to our Rewards Program! This program is made for people that are bored of buying their games! We offer you to download free games in exchange of some actions that you have to complete on our website! Check the questions and answers given below and if you feel that you need to know more, drop us an email at support[at]pccdkeys.com


How can i become an affiliate and earn points?

1. Start by clicking  the login button on the upper right of the page.

pc cd keys login example


2. Register an account by connecting either with your Facebook account or Google profile or by using our platform! To do this, simply click on the Facebook or Google icon or by filling the email and password fields.

account register pc cd keys

How to earn points?

Earning points is a very easy task…

Like & Share our content in social media (facebook, goolge+, twitter) using social buttons when present in our website pages (product pages for example), rate with stars our products and our partner stores, leave a comment in our posts or in our partners stores pages and write a comment or review in our product pages. You can also earn points by registering a new account and by doing daily visits or referring our website to others!

How many points i gain and from which actions?

Becoming a member:
1000 Points


Points for daily visit:
200 Points
*Limit 1 per day


Points for approved comment on posts:
200 Points
*Limit 2 comments per day


Points for approved comment/review on products:
200 Points
*Limit 2 comments per day


Points for Like, +1, Tweet:
250 Points 
*Limit 3x Facebook Like, 3x Google +1 and 3x Tweet per day and per product/blog post.


Points for sharing your referral link:
You can use your link in My Account page in order to share it with others!
50 Points for every user that clicks your referral link *Limit 10 referral clicks per day, 1 allowed per each IP
300 points for new members that come from you *Limit 2 new members per day


Points for rating:
50 Points
*Limit 3 ratings per day


*The values above can change anytime without further notice.

**Visitors who have cookies disabled will not award points.

Rules you have to follow!

1. Users we find using auto-clickers and other cheating methods will be permanently banned from joining our Rewards Program.

2. Users that we find using URL shortener services to share our links, will be rewarded with no points

3. Only 1 account per user is allowed. Users with multiple accounts will get banned.


How do i get free games?

After you have enough points you can get games for free by using your points! To do that is a very easy procedure. The only thing you have to do is to login into your account and click the “Visit Rewards”. This action will move you to the rewards page.

my accounts rewards pc cd keys


Find the game you want to get for free with your points and add it to the shopping bag.

  1. In the cart page you can review your order and redeem a coupon if you have one. When you are ready click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.
  2. Proceeding to checkout the system will ask you to fill some fields with personal information. After you do that, on the lower right you will see that you can pay with your points (if a sorry message appears it seems that you dont have the available balance for purchasing the specific reward).
  3. You are ready! Click the “Place Order” button.
  4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that we got your request. Please allow up to 7 days for the CD KEY delivery.


*Reward Games cannot be refunded in any way so be carefull when picking up the game and be sure 100% that you want it!!

The CD KEY you send me it doesnt work

Send us an email about it with a complete description of the error along with a screenshot showing the error message and we will contact our supplier. Depending on the number of people they need to be serviced, it may take up to 48 hours or more before a response can be given to you. If it is a supplier mistake, the CD key will be replaced with a new one.

Please send it to: support[at]pccdkeys.com


Wear our badge and earn!


pc cd keys badge affiliate members big


member affiliation badge


Terms of using our badge:

  • The badge must be used as a signature in a games related forum or similar tech forums
  • The badge must be clickable and should redirect on our main page https://www.pccdkeys.com or you can use your referral link and earn points.

When you are done with that send us the link of your post in the forum via email at support[at]pccdkeys.com and we will review it. The amount of points you will receive will depend on the quality of the forum/website where you used our badge.

Write about us in forums or blogs!

You can get MASSIVE amount of points by talking about PC CD Keys on forums, blogs and websites that you know!

Each time you talk about us you can earn thousands of points. What you need to do is to send us some proof that you really made a comment somewhere. This can be done by sending us screenshot adding your nickname and the by giving us the URL of the post and your pccdkeys.com account name, all together to support[at]pccdkeys.com. After we check and verify that you did it, we will add the extra points to your account!

To get points you need to follow some easy to understand rules:

  1. The comments will need to be unique, well made and explain our activity with a link to our website. 1 comment per site, forum, blog, and by user. So do not spam
  2. The forums, blogs, etc must have good quality of content and needs to be video games related (pc, hardware, hightech, geek, guild, esport, etc).

Points you can earn:

  1. Comment on forums = 1500 points
  2. Comment on a blog or website = 2000 points
  3. Article on forums or blogs = 3000 points (200 words minimum, with unique content, do not copy and paste)
  4. Full article on blog or website = 8000 points (500 words minimum, with unique content, do not copy and paste)


*Before we award the points for comments and posts on forums and blogs/websites we will wait for a couple of days to see if the the content will be deleted or not!

Create a Video

1. Adding Link In Your Video Description

Send us a link of a video you personally created about game walkthroughs, cheats, gameplays, tips and tricks of any game you want to feature, and we will reward you with points. The video should be your work, must be more than 2 minutes long, it needs to talks about video games, and must be uploaded in your YouTube channel. The game’s URL from our website needs to be in your video’s description on YouTube. We will review the video you’re going to submit, if it meets our standards and the video is done nicely, we will reward you with points.

Points for adding a link in your video description:
100 Points per link
*Limit 10 link per week.
*Each link must be in different video.


2. Send Us Your Gaming Video

If you have game related video content that is not published and you want us to publish it in our YouTube channel you can upload it to a cloud service and send us a link to download it from there. After we download it we will review it and if we find it elligible we will publish it. Please send us all the info in one mail following the instructions below:

  1. As email subject enter the title of the game.
  2. Your username in our website.
  3. Your email address you use on our website.
  4. The name you want to give to your video.
  5. A link to your uploaded file (you can use Dropbox, onedrive or other service) so that we can download it from there.

Send the email here: support[at]pccdkeys.com

Points for submiting a video:
5,000 Points for videos without narration
8,000 Points for video with narration
*Limit 1 video per week.
*Points will be rewarded per different game, not per video.


3. Create A Video About Our Website In YouTube

You found our website interesting and you want to make a video about us in your YouTube channel? Great, we are always pleased to see people creating content related to pccdkeys.com. Please follow the instructions on what we need you to include in your video in order to get points:

  1. Your title must include our website name (Pccdkeys.com).
  2. You need to add a link to our homepage (or use your affiliate link) in the video description.

After you upload your video on YouTube please send us the link here: support[at]pccdkeys.com

Points for creating a video about our website in YouTube:
1,000 Points for videos without narration
3,000 Points for video with narration
*Limit 1 video per user.


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