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This is the FAQ that answers all the questions you might have about pccdkeys.com. Who we are and what are we doing to get such low prices on games cd keys! There is also a rewards program in which you can participate and get free games, check it out!


What is this website called Pccdkeys.com?

Pccdkeys.com is the best price comparison website for video game cd keys. We list video game products from more than 20 worldwide stores available for price comparison. Famous stores like G2A, GreenManGaming, Kinguin, CdKeys.com etc and famous game clients like Steam, Uplay, Origin, Battlenet can be found on pccdkeys.com!

If you are looking for the lowest price on video games you are on the right spot. Our custom search engine finds and serves the lowest price for every game you are looking in a global cd key version. Global cd key version means that the multidigit code which is going to be delivered to you after your purchase, can be activated from all around the world (except some cases that the stores state the opposite) and then it can be downloaded for unlimited gaming. Your search ends on pccdkeys.com!

Are the listed stores safe for buying products?

The stores we choose to become partners with, are selected very carefully from our marketing team. Before you buy from them we have allready tested and re-tested for their support, their delivery time and seen feedback left from previous cutomers.

Before you buy from a store you can also check by yourself the ratings from our users who used the same store before, to become 100% sure that it covers your needs.

For a full list of the stores listed in pccdkeys.com you can visit all cd key stores page.

Only a small amount of stores that are listed in the partner stores page are not available for price comparison, simply because we are not 100% sure for those, or because we heard complaints for delivery delays or for their bad customer support. You will be able to buy only from the top noch ones so buy with confidence!

Are those games legal?

Yes those games are 100% original and legal to play. This is because, when you activating your games through downloading platforms (Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc), you respect the DRM standards and making sure that the publishers receive their due. Those platforms guarantee your game is valid since its activated through them.

How to buy from pccdkeys.com?

The reason why pccdkeys.com meets success is because of the easy to use interface. Its very easy to check the lowest price with our custom price comparison table. This table will show you the prices from the lowest to the highest along with other usefull information like the client (steam, origin, uplay, etc), availability, store name and ofcourse multi currency thanks to our on the fly currency converter. When you find the offer that suits you best just click the “SHOP NOW” button and we will transfer you to the store you have chosen!


pc cd keys price comparison curreny converter


While browsing our catalog we give you the opportunity to quick check the lowest price and the store which gives that price along with the game cover like the example below. You can click wherever you want to get transfered to the product page.


pccdkeys com product example

Very low prices... Why?

Our partner stores that offer these games have no contract with publishers, this allows them to put as low price as they want to the games. The games do not have boxes and shipping cost does not exist because everything is digital. Games sold by them are not subject to the same VAT system so buying procedure is much more cheaper. At last the marketing costs for those stores are much less compared to the big companies like steam and origin, so the gap of margin is big enough to allow them make big discounts.

I made a purchase. How can i start playing?

After you buy a game from our partner stores you will receive email with your unique CD KEY. When you have the CD KEY in your hands you have to head to the corresponding client (steam, origin, uplay, gog, etc) and activate the product by entering this CD KEY code. Then you have to download the game and finally start gaming!

On our price comparison board you can see which client corresponds to the game you want to buy. Some games might have more than one clients available in different prices. Check some of  the clients below to know how to identify them in the price comparison board.

xbox live uplay rockstar steam key psn origin battlenet eu battlenet us battlenet gog

If a store does not give client information for the specific game this icon will be shownnone and you have to visit the store to verify the client version of the game!


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