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Shiness is an action game which gives you a new adventure in a captivating universe that is on the verge of collapsing. It is developed by Enigami studios. Let’s look at Shiness The Lightning Kingdom game in details: You play as Chado together with his companions. You travel through Celestial Islands where you find yourself in a hostile environment. You then start struggling for power from the different kingdoms that are in conflicts. Through Shiness, it is possible for Chado to solve the situation since it’s a magical spirit which he is the only one he can see. He is able to perceive and communicate with Shiness thanks to his new ability. This is one of the best games with modern features which can make players spend a lot of time exploring the world. It is a surprisingly welcoming game. This is a game that has fun, simple and memorable. It is played well and offers a good challenge.



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Game Features

Players are taken to a journey through the enthralling and interactive universe where you develop your own characters and companions. You play as Chado. You are like the traditional arena fighter since you can mix magic with combos. In addition, you develop two types of skills; magic and the physical attacks which give you a chance to unlock new spells and talents. One explores the world that comprises of many environments due to the new skills and powers of your companions. You can develop your own characters through the numerous quests.

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You have the power of 5 characters which enables you explore the captivating world. You then enter a cave that has some secrets after crushing a big rock. Further, once you activate some mechanisms using telekinetic powers, you get to know the back entry. There are several hyper-dynamic fights where you get to fight with your enemies as you explore the world. You can hit, use combos or block. When fighting, you gain new experience .These fights enables you to learn new skills and eventually you become a hero. This helps you unify Mahera planet.

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The graphics in this game are wonderful for the time. To enjoy Shiness game, you will require a PC that runs on high graphics settings of 1080p. It is very easy to see the foreground and background objects or the enemies you are up against in high quality!


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  1. kyleezihui April 19, 2017

    this game looks quite interesting

  2. ditoekanugraha April 18, 2017

    wow high definition graphics, but this game missions is not lot
    waiting for next Shiness episodes (maybe they submit their next episode)

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