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Dambuster Studios launches their pilot project as a game developer. Homefront The Revolution CD KEY is a first-person shooter video game and it’s available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Published by Deep Silver, this game is a sequel to Homefront which was released in 2011 and is developed and published by different companies.



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Where & When?

Set in year 2029, The Revolution will have players thrown in a dismal dystopia where a catastrophic United States of America, in an unexpected turn of events, has fallen and is now under the totalitarian control of the Greater Korean Republic. The “Norks” (the game’s colloquial term for North Koreans) settle and set up their central operations in Philadelphia as they continue to invade and dominate the West. Players will be following the life of Ethan “Birdy” Brady, the youngest member of a slowly-brewing resistance group, and they must successfully plot a rebellion and ignite a revolution against the Korean People’s Army.

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Game Features

Unlike its predecessor, Homefront The Revolution is an open-world type of game. Players can (and must) freely move around to scavenge weapons and equipment from buildings, stashes, and whatever remains of devastated Philadelphia, which is already split into three districts. The invaders occupy the Green Zone, an affluent area complete with running water and electricity, where majority of the game’s main missions will take place. Majority of the population live in the Yellow Zone, cluttering in slum-like tent cities and getting by with limited water and electricity while being constantly patrolled by police cars, scanner drones, and surveillance cameras. Players will complete missions and side ops here in order to lead the revolution and convince the people to join the rebellion. The Red Zone is the forbidden area with “shoot on sight” orders; this is where players come face to face with the KPA and fight them in a no-holds-barred open-field battle.

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Dambuster really paid close attention to the game’s plot and it shows in the weapons and equipment options available for players. As revolutionists, players will need to mix and match, improvise, and make the most out of limited resources, then use whatever they have against the high tech weaponry and massive army of the Norks. The uncertainty of the battlefield, together with the disadvantaged gameplay setup, gives players that “David versus Goliath” feel whenever they engage in battle, leading a group of oppressed people and going berserk in all-out guerrilla warfare.

Last Words

Aside from the main campaign, the game also features “Resistance Mode.” Players must activate Homefront The Revolution CD Key on their Steam client to have access to this cooperative four-player gameplay mode, complete with its own set of characters, storyline progression, and additional perks. Whether alone or with a group, The Revolution will make players feel the undying desperation of the oppressed to initiate an uprising, put an end to Korea’s tyranny, and regain freedom for the country.


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  1. Mohaonline2010 June 11, 2016

    It looks good, waiting for final release :D

  2. alinady82 June 7, 2016

    let’s have some head in the air

  3. joshdaman02 May 18, 2016

    Looks like watchdogs to me but hell jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  4. sanzcracken May 18, 2016

    thats gona be a nice game :D

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