Dead Rising 4 Frank Rising DLC Trailer

Frank Is Back!

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Frank Rising DLC of Dead Rising 4 is available and Capcom Vancouver gave in public the new trailer. For the Season Pass owners or Digital Deluxe version of the game there is no extra charge and is already available. The plot is about Frank who is infected and wanders injured and full of blood in Willamette. Luckily, an ex ally will offer him some help and Frank will start to recover while he aims to find a permanent cure. The bad thing is that nobody can eat something except from human flesh. Also in this trailer you can see aglimpse of Super Ultra Dead Rising Mini Golf DLC, for which there is not a release date yet. Finally, the items that has been given to the ones who pre-ordred the game, are now available for a small cost. Dead Rising 4 is available for PC and Xbox One.


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