Call Of Duty World War II Official Announcement!

Live World War II In Maximum!

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Finally its the time for the fans of Call of Duty franchise to go back to where it all started! So, through a livestream, Activision and Sledgehammer Games revealed officially the Call of Duty World War II. The title is going to be released in November 3rd for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The ones who are going to pre-order the game they will have the chance to join the beta testing of the title.

Call Of Duty World War II Offical Announcement banner

Even if the world “flooded” Twitter with questions, the company didnt want to reveal everything especially for the “War Mode” which will allow players to participate in many historical battles during world war 2 with different target every time for each team. The character classes will be replaced from divisions, while the only thing we know for sure till now is that these divisions will be separated in different units like infantry and armored. One more interesting thing which is going to be added in the title is the “Headquarters”, a place where players can meet each other during or before/after matches. Looks like Tower of Destiny if you ask me…

Call Of Duty World War II Offical Announcement banner 2

Last but not least, Zombies also revealed and are going to come back in the last chapter of the franchise, BUT without more info being given during the livestream for this particular mode, except the picture above. Check the first trailer of the Call of Duty WWII while we wait for the E3 where more reveals are going to come.


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