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Welcome to another gaming “Sneak Peek”

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The long-awaited release of Tom Clancys The Division CD KEY is finally here and ready to be played! Ubisoft’s The Division is already available to pre-load, ahead of its release, and this gives the opportunity to data mine the download and discovers its secrets.



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What To Expect From The Division

The most intriguing part about Division is that the game has 26 main story missions! It seems that players can navigate through a New York City, which has been ravaged by a biological outbreak. Infected bank notes carrying the smallpox virus have spread disease and death, as they are passed from person to person. Order has broken down, criminals have escaped from prison and militias have armed themselves.

The player assumes the role of a Division agent-a secretive organization armed with the job of bringing order to the chaos that has engulfed New York. Nonetheless, the best part is that missions can be attempted either as single player, co-operative with online teammates from around the world or player versus player.

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The Division Candy Shop

Rumor has it that new weapons and vehicles, such as a water plane and a machine gun-outfitted helicopter have been added, as well as 139 total weapons. Still, this is still unofficial and it might be just a spoiler, so I guess we will have to wait until Tuesday, March 8 when the servers go live.

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The data mining has similarly revealed references to Brooklyn, which is not in the game at launch but which may be being saved for DLC. There’s also a reference to a fourth Russian faction called Bratva, but again that could well be an idea that was originally planned and later reproduced.


  1. stvogel January 5, 2017

    Love this game. It can be repetitive, but generally the action is high and challenging. I like the “hybrid online” aspect; you can play through the entire game without interacting with other players, you can do pvp pr you can team up with others on a tough mission. Good stuff for sure.

  2. sanzcracken May 5, 2016

    have many bugs fix ittt :/

  3. alinady82 April 25, 2016

    nice game btw

  4. Mohaonline2010 April 21, 2016

    game has many bugs and kinda repetitive

  5. abdelrahman mahdy April 8, 2016

    all my friends say it is a good game i did not try it yet but i will

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