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Watch dogs 2 is an open world action packed game that follows a hacker trying to shut down a shadowy invasive technology. The Games new protagonist is Marcus Holloway, Marcus is a hacker and all Marcus wants to be is free. This game takes place in the busy metropolis of San Francisco, a very welcome change of scenery compared to the doleful setting of the first game. The game follows the same principal template as the original but with well –rounded improvements.

So at the start of the game you need to break into a CTOS facility and this entire place is, an immoral security company that collects data from civilians, thereby ranking them by threat, if they are likely to commit a crime based on what background they have and browsing history etc. Marcus is of course there to wipe their files and for this mission Marcus will go un armed with only a taser and the thunder ball which is a loose chain that has a weight on the end that he can thrash around. The game is for Marcus not to be killed and the tools provided will allow the player to play in this manner, from hacked electronics to gadgets and a mass of weaponry. The main hacker – Marcus- can also for example adjust the personal information of characters to have them arrested, also hacking into and manipulating mobile phones, disrupt traffic and so forth, thereby carrying out mass hacking.

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To play this game, you will need to be clever as the levels in this game feel as though there has been more thought put into it! The labyrinth of the game and the overall story line is hugely pleasing and it takes the player down to many unexplored avenues’ and ensures that the player is kept on “their toes” with their thinking caps on at all times. Also featuring several key story missions and side-missions that are known as “operations” and once accomplished, Marcus’ supporter count will increase which tally’s with the narrative and helps the player to complete his ultimate goal.

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This game can be run on graphic cards that are three to four generations old, such as the GTX 600 series or the Radeon HD 7000 series, which should be more than capable of running it. But for the higher frame rates mid to high range graphics card such as GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290 will be required.


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  1. Muhammad December 26, 2016

    Ughhh, wanna play Watch Dogs 2 so bad xDD Just need the game :’s

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