Battlefield 1: The World War Like Never Seen Before!

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Have you ever played a virtual war game wherein the medic is carrying crutches? Well, Battlefield 1 has that. The crutches are a simple, decorative accessory. They never really boosted the medic’s healing abilities, but they showed that the characters in this world are carrying a symbol of weakness. This simple design differentiates the Battlefield franchise from the rest of the bigger and louder war games. In this new game, the developers attempted to make things more grounded, and they have done that successfully. Things are not going to be easy in this sequel. For starters, your first gun will be a clunky wood and iron barrel with horrible aim. You will struggle at first, but after learning the ropes of the game, you will experience immense satisfaction. Here is a quick review of the upcoming Battlefield game.



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Breathtaking Sceneries

The sceneries in this game are so lush and vibrant that you would rather take a vacation instead of carving a bloody crest on the field. If you spawn in the valley of Saint Quentin Scar, you are in for quite a view. There are planes doing crazy somersaults in the air, line of tanks moving in the hills, and soldiers preparing for battle in realistic grassy fields. However, don’t just focus on the scenery. It’s a war game, so if you just sit around and stare at the beautiful surroundings, you’re definitely dead meat.

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Preparing For War

When you select a campaign, you will be redirected to a screen featuring a vast image of a map that is way bigger once you enter it. The good thing is you can choose the spot where you can spawn. There are several character classes. The Assault team is the heavy hitters who can ride tanks. The support class can wield machine guns and repair the tanks. If you are a long-range camper, choose the Sniper class. You can also be a Medic if you don’t want to join in the bloodshed too much. The class you choose will determine the available resources you will get.

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Don’t expect advanced weaponry in this game. As mentioned earlier, your first gun is not as big and as easy to use as the ones found in other war game franchises. It takes a steep learning curve to master each weapon, but it is so satisfying to get your first headshot in Battlefield 1. This game also features a new melee attack wherein you will charge at the enemy with a bayonet. It’s difficult to maneuver, but if done successfully, your enemy’s guts and blood will fly everywhere. After playing with the guns, you should try riding the vehicles, which is Battlefield’s niche. The game features armored tanks, blimps, trains, and battleships!

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Despite the inaccurate and dated armory, Battlefield 1 CD KEY is an incredible war game. Learning the weapons can be a struggle, but it offers a lot of cool things like eye-popping visuals and gigantic, powerful war machines.


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  1. olsen.emil03 October 28, 2016

    WOW! Really nice blog about battlefield 1 with the tips and all :D I think im going to save up to get the game now thx :)

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