Activate Uplay CD KEY & Download Uplay Client Guide

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This is a guide i created for the ones who don’t know how to create their personal Uplay account, download the Ubisoft game launcher (Uplay) and activate a new cd key! I explain everything, just follow the steps bellow and all your questions will be answered.

Uplay Download

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In order to start the procedure you have to visit the Uplay official website. From there you have two options. Option 1 is to download the client but this needs to already have an account. Option 2 is to create your account and then download the client in order to start adding your games and eventually start gaming.

uplay download

Uplay Account

If you go for the account creation you have to click the “Manage Your Account”. Then, the page like the image below will show up:

uplay account

Click the “Create A Ubisoft Account”. This option will run you through several steps where you have to add personal info like email, username and password. When you are done you have to verify your email address and you are all set!

Redeem Origin Game Keys

Lets say that you completed the account creation and the download of Uplay client. You probably purchased some Ubisoft games like Assassins Creed or Ghost Recon Wildlands and you want to activate them, proceed to the installation and eventually start gaming… What you have to do is double click the Uplay shortcut and open the software. Now that the program is in front of you, search for the three dashes icon on the upper left corner and click it…

uplay client

A menu will show up from the left with many options. The option we are going to need at this moment is the “Activate a key”, click it…

uplay key activation step 1

When you click to activate a key a window will pop up which is the same like the image below:

uplay key activation step 2

In the empty field you have to type or paste the unique cd key code that the store sent you in your personal email after a successful purchase. If you cant find anything like that inside your inbox, please go and check the “My account” area in the online store. It should be there. In the rare case you face issues with the activation of the key, you have to open a ticket or use the live chat (if available) and explain the problem you get.

Games Library

If the game is successfully activated, you will find the game under the “Games” tab. This is your games library which in other words means that it is the place that every game sits after a successful activation.

uplay games library

Click the game you are interested on installing and the software will do all the job. You have to wait several minutes (depending on the internet connection you have) in order to download and install a game. After that it will be eligible for launch. We hope that you will find the best deals for Uplay keys in our website. Have fun gaming!

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  1. demobuoy November 26, 2017

    Has anyone used uplay? What do you think?
    I am an origin and steam user and one of the reasons I use these mainly is because of the number of users and friends. So, any potential online friends to be had through this site for Uplay?
    Reach me.

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