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Dishonored 2 has been released as the successor to the well-received 2012 stealth action-adventure game. This second part has a lot to live up to as the older predecessor in the series with almost perfect with a 10/10 rating on Steam. The game picks up 15 years after Dishonored ended. Since then, Dunwall has prospered under the reign of Emily, whom Corvo has been training physically. Dunwall is then plunged into chaos when the Empress is ousted in a coup making her an outcast. The player then goes on a quest to restore the throne to the rightful owner through stealth missions.

Although not chock-full of new features, it has enough to keep the player engaged from start to finish. Some of the features include the upgraded weapons system which is now based on a new Skill-Tree system with multiple paths and different upgrades for each path. The familiar “Possession” ability in the first game is now upgraded from taking control of only animals to control of dead bodies along with animals.

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You have the choice between two characters; Emily or Convo at the beginning of the game. You can either choose to play stealthily or not (You can finish the whole game without taking a single life) with a vast arsenal of both non-lethal and lethal weapons at your disposal. Each level in the game has its own unique theme which is either “Fiction” or “Mechanic”. Some levels include time-distortion in which you can access a location presently and/or peer back in time. In general, the game has a very unique and engaging gameplay that sets it apart from other games. The multi-player mode is a big miss in the whole part of the game. Although there are downloaded content available to keep you engaged even after you finish the main story. The graphics of Dishonored 2 are incredible. This might cause a problem with users with mid-range to low-end PCs. Stick to a high-end PC to feel the full experience.

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All in all, Dishonored 2 is an immensely enjoyable game. It is easy enough without being too easy and is challenging enough without being ridiculously hard. I will definitely recommend any gamer to pick up a copy and get immersed in the fictional world of Dunwall.


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  1. ditoekanugraha November 26, 2016

    the game has high graphic quality and some enjoyed mission
    Its a good game to buy

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