16th Of May The New For Honor Season!

Prepare for Season 2!

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According toUbisoft’s announcement, season 2 of For Honor is going to be released at the same time for PC and Consoles in May 16th of 2017. This particular update is named “Shadow and Might” and it will add new maps, new characters, new gameplay characteristics and new items for customization in the game. The new maps are going to be available right after the release of new season. New characters are going to be available for general audience in May 23rd and for season pass owners from May 16th.

More specific new characters are Shinobi (Samirai Assassin), with specialty in lethal moves and the traditional japanese Kusarigama, then there is Centurion (knight Hybrid), who sees battle field as a big chess board and uses several strategies to break into enemy lines. The two new maps are named Forge and Temple Garden and will include more options regarding the domination in the battle field. Also along with the new season there is going to be a new gear rarity level, the Epic Gear. This particular gear rarity will raise the maximum gear score while at the same time it will offer balancing overhaul for the whole system of gear stats.


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